Final conference in Split

The Final Conference of the international project V-ALERT was held in Split on December 17. Partners from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia, and some of the participants and teachers who have worked on the project since 2013, met in Split, at the Cornaro hotel, so they could talk about reached results during their two year work.


Professor Alen Soldo, University of Split, Ines Milina Ganza, Office for Education and Research in Split, opened the Conference. Later on Michalis Xenos, V-ALERT project coordinator, presented the project, what led to discussion about project results among members of partner institutions and organizations.


Beside the partners, there were also guest lectures, who talked about Internet safety and new technologies.

Two workshops, where V-ALERT video game about Internet safety was demostrated, took place paralel with the Conference.


V-ALERT project (Virtual World for Awareness and Learning on Information Security) started to reach awarenes about possible risks on the Internet. It’s financed by the European Commission through LLP – Life Learning Program, and partners are institutions from five different countries from region – Hellenic Open University,  from Greece, BESECURE, University of Cyprus, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, PMF from Split, Croatia, and Center for the Promotion of Science from Belgrade, Serbia.

V-ALERT project aims to support the establishment of an Information Security culture in different ICT user target groups by providing awareness and training through an innovative and immersive e-learning tool. Under an umbrella of the project an online 3D virtual world learning environment (VWLE) is developed. It simulates real-life Information Security threat scenarios, allowing users to gain first-hand experience of the different risks and threats, though in a safe manner.

Download Conference booklet here.

Final meetings

The final meetings of the V-Alert project were held in Split, on 16th and 18th of December 2015. Partners from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia met in Cornaro hotel, so they can talk about final project activities. Course and results of the 3D virtual world learning environment pilot testing held during autumn and winter 2015, goals were analysed  at the meetings. Several hundred primary and secondary students, university students, teachers, professors, employees, also attended this testing.

V-ALERT virtual world learning environment presents a simulation of the real life in which user controls an avatar going trough virtual world. Players have to deal with a few ways of internet theft, like stealing some data and personal information, and they are showed how to protect themselves from similar attacks. Trough four scenarios users can see how on some websites we are asked about our personal information and our friends information, how  someone can steal our identity, how we can generate strong password and how to avoid unauthorized access to our data.


Final Conference Announcement

The aim of the V-ALERT Final Conference is to present the results of the V-ALERT project to the academic and educational community. The conference is open to all interested parties, including local educational authorities and policy makers, academics and university students, school communities, teacher associations, enterprise employees associations and general public.

V-ALERT Final Conference booklet

V-ALERT - Announcement of Final Conference-page-001

Increase your knowledge of internet threats

Today BCCI organised a demonstration session of on-line training platform developed within “V-Alert” project, funded by Lifelong Learning Programme. The platform allows users to immerse themselves in the world of Internet and to increase their knowledge about the cyber fraud by attractive way through a virtual game. The created 4 threat scenarios are related to phishing threats, theft of personal data, work in social networks and creation of strong internet passwords.

“V-ALERT” project is implemented by six organizations, including BCCI, from Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Serbia. The project team presented the platform to the participants in the meeting and gave them practical advices on how to avoid internet threats and how the users can increase their knowledge in the field of internet security. There is a demo version of the training environment at the moment. The final version will be ready by the end of the year and will be available for use.

The platform and a manual with instructions for its use will be available on the internet site of the project:

For additional information: European integration and projects, BCCI, phone 02 8117416.

V-ALERT in Belgrade

V-ALERT Info Day presented on September 23rd, Hotel Palace, Belgrade.

You can download agenda here.









V-Alert Info Day in Belgrade


Within international project V-Alert, based on the need to increase safety on the Internet, Centre for the Promotion of Science is organizing an Info Day, on September 23rd, at Hotel Palace, Toplicin Venac 23, Belgrade. This event is designed for teachers of informatics who want to join the project and try new and interesting study method – trough a computer game.

The computer game, where students learn about safety on the Internet by solving different tasks, was developed for the purpose of training. First part of program, which will last from 11AM to 1PM, is intended for presentation of the project and partners, while the activities, which will take place from 2PM to 5PM, will cover presenting virtual world of the game.

Main goal of the V-Alert project is to help develop culture of information safety, and target groups are primary school students and teachers.

Number of participants is limited and all the teachers who want to participate in V-Alert Info Day have to send their contact information (name, school, city, phone number) to email address

Deadline is Monday, 21st of September, at 5PM.

V-ALERT at INTE 2015

At the International Conference on New Horizons in Education – INTE 2015, held in  Barcelona, Spain in June 10-12 2015, V-ALERT partners presented a paper “Personalized Context-Aware Recommendations in 3D Virtual Learning Environments”

V-ALERT in Larnaca

V-Alert partners met for the fourth face-to-face meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus, from April 16 – 17 2015

V-ALERT Project at Patras IQ 2015

The V-ALERT project was selected by the Hellenic Open University to be presented at the 2nd Patras Innovation Quest 2015 – “Patras IQ”,  which took place in Patras, Greece, on the 24-26 April 2015.