Final meetings

The final meetings of the V-Alert project were held in Split, on 16th and 18th of December 2015. Partners from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia met in Cornaro hotel, so they can talk about final project activities. Course and results of the 3D virtual world learning environment pilot testing held during autumn and winter 2015, goals were analysed  at the meetings. Several hundred primary and secondary students, university students, teachers, professors, employees, also attended this testing.

V-ALERT virtual world learning environment presents a simulation of the real life in which user controls an avatar going trough virtual world. Players have to deal with a few ways of internet theft, like stealing some data and personal information, and they are showed how to protect themselves from similar attacks. Trough four scenarios users can see how on some websites we are asked about our personal information and our friends information, how  someone can steal our identity, how we can generate strong password and how to avoid unauthorized access to our data.