V-Alert Survey

The Survey was successfully conducted with more than six hundred respondents using an online questionnaire, as well as interviews and focus groups for the collection of the end user requirements for the V-alert project.

The aim was to later analyze the end user requirements, as well as the requirements of the virtual world learning environment and develop the specifications of the 3D virtual world activities to be implemented in the scope of the project, both from a conceptual as well as from a pedagogical perspective. The questionnaire, the interviews and the focus groups are part of the requirements collection procedure from the end users.

The questionnaire, interviews and focus groups included questions that aimed to acquire information regarding the user, such as age, occupation, etc. and categorize her/him in one of the 4 target user groups: a) children, b) teachers, c) ICT students and professors and d) enterprise staff, employees in organizations and administrative personnel. Moreover, the aim was to collect useful information as to which aspects of information security are more important to these users, based also on the target group each user belongs in. In this manner, the consortium discovered the needs, preferences, habits and the level of security awareness of each target group regarding information security. Furthermore, the questionnaire, along with the interviews and focus groups resulted in defining the specifications of the virtual world learning environment.