Hellenic Open University, Greece, as the coordinator of this project, has worked towards the formation of a partner consortium which would bring together experts in the area of information security awareness, high skilled developers and end-users from all areas of relative education (children, teachers, ICT students and professionals). V-ALERT consortium is set according to the objectives of the project and the partners’ expertise required to successfully carry out the planned activities. Partners include three Universities (Hellenic Open University from Greece, University of Cyprus from Cyprus and Faculty of Science, University of Split from Croatia), SME (Besecure from Cyprus), one public institution (Center for the Promotion of Science from Serbia) and one NGO (Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria).

All partners have significant experience in the assigned tasks and they have gained extensive know-how through their involvement in considerable European projects and trans-national co-operations established mainly on private business activities, but also through public and national projects. Additionally, all the partners have a specific interest in the project and subsequent results. This is reflected by the clear distribution of tasks among the partners. The partnership was planned to be actively involved in almost every area of the project, ranging from the meetings and management to dissemination and exploitation. The goal is the final environment to be an open environment easily scalable to include further scenarios and languages and sustainable after the end of EU funding.