Aims & Objectives

In the context of V-ALERT project, ICT is not used as a means of motivation or to support learners to improve their educational achievements, but rather it is used as a means of addressing important Information Security issues which are bound to the nature and the actual use of the Information and Communications Technologies.

The main goal of the project is to prompt all target groups of the end-users to develop a new mentality and culture related to safe computing. More specifically, V-ALERT project aims to:

  • enrich pupils’ awareness on Information Security through collaboration, critical thinking and “learning by doing”.
  • empower teachers to adopt novel ICT approaches in teaching and also offer them the chance to become aware of Information Security risks.
  • help enterprise employees realize their crucial role in securing information assets of the enterprise, allowing them to ‘safely’ experience the security risks, the types of countermeasures available, the situations in which they are suitable and any constraints that they may impose.
  • expand and consolidate the existing Information Security knowledge of ICT students and University/College Professors of various expertise.

In order to respond to the end-users’ needs and support lifelong learning, the major objectives of the V-ALERT project include:

  • creation of an on-line, expandable, multiuser and multilingual 3D immersive virtual world learning environment which will simulate real world Information Security threats, exposing the users to potential risks, but “safely”.
  • development of numerous challenging Information Security threat simulations based on experiential learning principles and aiming at higher learners’ engagement and intrinsic motivation.
  • embedding recommendation algorithms for context adaptation to the learners’ needs, while providing personalised assistance to the users during their in-world activities.
  • setting specific research questions at the cutting edge of research in this area, as a main objective of the project final validation.
  • setting up the ground and infrastructure for the sustainability of the environment and for its expandability so as to include more threat scenarios and other languages.

The main outputs of the V-ALERT project include:

  • conceptual design of Information Security threat scenarios concerning the needs of each target group
  • customizable on-line 3D virtual world designed to best implement these scenarios through in-world engaging learning activities and simulations
  • supportive documentation and Information Security educational material for the end-users
  • reports on the formative evaluation of the virtual world learning environment and the pilot implementation of this environment in each partner country