European Added Value

The V-ALERT consortium of six European organizations across borders comprises a diverse array of collaborators that will transfer knowledge and experiences from one country to the other. V-ALERT project contributes to the  European integration while addressing simultaneously two European priorities: 2008: Intercultural Dialogue; 2009: Creativity and innovation.

The V-ALERT partnership intends to create a practical and innovative e-learning tool with a clear added-value for the European E&T community as a whole. The successful completion of the V-ALERT project will aid into promoting a new vision for ICT-enhanced learning embedded into long-term educational objectives and integrated in lifelong learning strategies. The V-ALERT project is based on an innovative idea that will develop innovative practices and services which can lead to greater knowledge about the effective use of ICT to enhance the learning procedure. Furthermore, due to the broad nature of the end-users, the implementation of V-ALERT virtual world learning environment will reinforce transversal competences, such as digital competence, while bridging the worlds of education and work.

The V-ALERT project has a clear multiplying effect: stakeholders come from a variety of sectors and this contributes to the customisation and generalisation of results. Utilisation of the open source concept to all outcomes and structures makes the project results exploitable in all EU countries and worldwide.