Computers and the Internet are important tools used by people to support significant parts of their everyday life. However, there are certain risks involved in ICT usage, therefore all ICT users, regardless age and skills, should be aware of the principles of Information Security and data protection. At a European Level action has been taken to promote the cyber security awareness among citizens, modifying individuals’ perception of cyber threats and providing updated security information through education and good practices.

The vision of V-ALERT project is to provide enterprise employees and ICT users of different ages and expertise with an immersive, cost-effective and innovative e-learning environment that will support life-long experiential learning as well as in-depth understanding of Information Security principles and protective actions.

More specifically, the envisaged e-learning environment is a customizable, multilingual 3D virtual world  that will simulate real-life security threat scenarios, examples and counterexamples, allowing the different target groups of users to experience the risks and combine critical skills, knowledge and, occasionally, collaboration in order to overcome them. The virtual world will offer personalised recommendations to assist the users during their interaction with the in-world simulations and eventually facilitate and enhance the learning procedure.